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The Company

In keeping with other schools rated outstanding by Ofsted, Highsted Grammar School was invited by the Secretary of State to convert to academy status through the Government’s fast-track process in 2010 and became the Highsted Academy Trust.

Highsted Academy Trust is the charitable company limited by guarantee, to which the governing body of Highsted Grammar School reports. Registered in England: 07348116.

Click to access the Trust’s audited accounts for 2022/23. Copies of previous years' accounts are available by following the relevant link here: 2021/22 and 2020/21. Further information about academies can be found on the Department for Education website: www.education.gov.uk/academies.

To view a copy of the Academy Trust's Memorandum or Articles of Association, click these links. The school's Funding Agreement can be obtained through this Department for Education link.


Highsted Grammar School is a single academy trust: Highsted Academy Trust, a company limited by guarantee. As such, it is subject to company law and, specifically, the provisions of the Companies Act 2006. The Articles of Association form the Trust’s constitution and are in effect a contract between the company and its Members.  As an exempt charity, the Trust is also subject to charity law and the provisions of the Charities Act 2011.

The Members of the Highsted Academy Trust determine the ethos and purpose of the Trust – the provision of education – and the way it will be governed, as set out in the Articles of Association.

The Governors of Highsted Grammar School are responsible for the carrying out the business of the Trust; namely, the running of the academy, although management responsibility is delegated to the Headteacher and school’s leadership group. Governors are Directors of the Trust and thereby under a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the Trust. Finally, as the Trust is subject to charity law, Governors will also be Trustees.

Communications to the Highsted Academy Trust should be sent to Martin Hydes at clerktogovernors@highsted.kent.sch.uk or by post to the school address. 

Highsted Academy Trust Members




Highsted school governors are volunteers who are appointed or elected to their position. Their key roles are to set the strategic direction of the school, to challenge the school and to work with the school’s leadership team in order to secure high standards of achievement and care for students.

Together they identify and introduce strategies that lead to the highest quality education. Governors also set and monitor targets, the school budget and the effectiveness of policies to ensure that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

Members of the governing body are appointed from a variety of sources to ensure it benefits from a wide range of skills, strengths and experience. They comprise of:

  • at least two parent governors – elected by parents and carers of pupils at the school;
  • ten governors – appointed by the Highsted Academy Trust. This will include a community element – proposed by the governing body as representative of the local community and up to two staff governors, proposed by teaching and support staff;
  • the headteacher as an ex officio governor;
  • up to three co-opted governors – appointed by governors who have not themselves been so appointed;
  • associate members – invited by the governing body because of particular skills and experience. They attend meetings and contribute to discussions but are not able to vote.

Governors serve for four years and provide vital links between the school and the community.

The work of the governing body is carried out mainly through two key committees: Curriculum & Performance and Finance & Resources, each of which meets at least three times annually. All governors are expected to serve on at least one committee and normally develop links with staff in a chosen subject area. Other specific issues are dealt with through working sub-committees and three standing committees, which are convened as required. To read a detailed explanation of our Governance Structure, please download the document here

Parent Governor Election 2024

The school currently has one vacancy for the role of parent governor. Potential candidates are invited to consider standing for election to the governing body, or may wish to nominate another parent to do so. The governing body welcomes interest from all prospective parent governors. Further information can be accessed by downloading the following documents:

Communications to the Governing Body should be sent to the Clerk to the Governors at clerktogovernors@highsted.kent.sch.uk or by post to the school address.

Highsted Grammar School Governing Body 2022 - 2023

To view roles, responsibilities and current business interests for each member of the Academy Trust or Governing Body, please click on the name required. To download governor attendance at meetings during 2022/23, follow this link

Highsted Grammar School Privacy Notice

We collect and use pupil information under section 537A of the Education Act 1996, and section 83 of the Children Act 1989. We also comply with Article 6(1)(e) and Article 9(2)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To access our Privacy Notice for Governors, please follow this link.